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ABA Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) use positive techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Considered by many experts as the ‘gold standard’ therapy for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental conditions among children, ABA therapy focuses on gradually improving social, communication and skills using positive reinforcements. 

 VTCC has some of the best Autism experts in Virginia who use evidence-based approach that improves the functional, social capacity and the quality of life among these children.

Where can ABA be used?

These techniques can be used in structured situations such as at home, family dinners or neighborhood playground. Some ABA therapy sessions involve one-on-one interaction between the therapist and the participant. Group instruction can likewise prove useful.

How is ABA therapy provided to children with ASD or developmental disorders?

ABA therapy provides a comprehensive, individualized, and intensive early intervention programs for children with autism. These interventions are designed to begin before the age of 4, have a full range of life skills, from communication and sociability to self-care and readiness for school. These programs range from 20-40 hours per week for 1-3 years.

How successful is ABA as an approach to treating children with ASD or developmental disorders?

Research and academic papers indicate ABA as one of the most effective tools available to assist children with ASD. It is a joint effort by therapist with parents towards stabilizing the behaviors associated with ASD, by reinforcing positive behaviors, strengthening communication and social skills, and training parents to effectively communicate with their children. ABA aims to mitigate symptoms, improve skills and ability, to maximize the child’s functions and participation in the community.


ABA is widely accepted treatment approach amongst healthcare professionals and is used globally. ABA is tailored to the specific needs of the child based on the analysis of the family and physical environment and its effects on the client’s behaviors. The focus of ABA remains on improving clients; social and communication skills and on training parents in effective managing of behaviors associated with ASD. Participation and forging an alliance between parents and therapist(s) play a crucial role in achieving the milestones.

What is the process of receiving ABA services from VTCC?
What are some basic ABA philosophies followed at VTCC?
What kind of progress can be expected with ABA?

The aim of ABA is to provide the ability to the child to communicate effectively and to fully function within its environment. Interventions are tailored to achieve maximum progress. However, every child has a different pace of improvement depending on the skill areas. A consistent, repeated, and intense effort and partnership with parents may often result in the best outcome from therapy.

Who can provide ABA services to my child or the child I am referring?

In most cases, a therapist, or behavior technicians (BTs) who are trained and supervised by a BCBA, will provide direct therapy to your child.  The BCBA holds a post-graduate degree in psychology or behavior analysis, and is certified through a national board certification exam, and a state license to provide such treatment.