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The need for Culturally appropriate interventions for ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects children of all races and cultures, however, the interventions developed for autism are primarily tested on Caucasians, economically sound and English-speaking populations.  As a result, culturally and ethnically diverse populations are not appropriately represented in the research for autism. Despina Papoudi,

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What are Social Stories?

Social stories are an evidence-based learning tool used to exchange information between the parents, ASD professionals and the children and adults diagnosed with ASD. These were first conceptualized by Carol Gray, who was a teacher for autistic children in Michigan. The ones who create and

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How to get your ASD child dressed up..

https://vtcc.health/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/output_tmzggF.mp4 Dressing up a child on the Autistic spectrum disorder is always a challenge. Following are a few strategies you can use which take into account the special sensory needs of your autistic child– Use textures that suit your childUnderstand the kind of clothing textures

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