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Bedroom decor for an ASD child

Children on the ASD spectrum are very sensitive to sensory stimuli and their bedroom should be designed keeping in mind the sensory overdrive, the irritability and anxiety they are prone to face as well as the sleep disturbances that are common among them.

Following are the basic tips to follow while creating a relaxing space for your child:

  1. Use soothing colors – Ensure that the walls have colors that are known to have a calming effect such as pastels or shades of blue and greens.
  2. Pay attention to the textures of the upholstery – Make sure the pillows, bed sheets, curtains all have textures that the child feels comfortable with.
  3. Ensure the lighting is appropriate- Soft lighting works well usually with ASD children. Use dark curtains to block out any harsh lights that may interfere with your child sleep.