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How to get your ASD child dressed up..

Dressing up a child on the Autistic spectrum disorder is always a challenge.

Following are a few strategies you can use which take into account the special sensory needs of your autistic child–

  1. Use textures that suit your child
    Understand the kind of clothing textures that cause irritability and tantrums in your child. Note that clothing tags may bother ASD children often. Stiff clothing like jeans may not agree with your child and softer alternatives maybe used.
  2. Use Soothing colors
    Most ASD children are flustered by certain bright colors and it is recommended that you understand the hues and shades that help soothe your child.
  3. Visual aids
    Usage of a mirror to help a child watch the process of dressing up helps them pick up the task themselves, over a period of time.
    You can also use visual charts that describe the steps to dressing up using pictures (in soothing colors) so that the child learns the task better.
  4. Reward charts.

    Reinforce the positive behavior achieved by using a reward chart with stickers.  Do not rush your child but allow time.

We would love to hear you share your experiences of dressing up your ASD child. Please share your comments in the comment section.