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How to Keep your Marriage strong when your child is on the Autistic Spectrum

How To Keep Your Marriage Strong When Your Child Is On The Autistic Spectrum 570x570

When your child is diagnosed with Autism it puts an emotional, financial and mental stress on the family and marriages can be at a greater risk of breaking down. 

Here are our tips on how to strengthen your bond as a couple while tending to a child with ASD.

  1. Reaction to stress can vary from person to person.

    When your child is diagnosed with Autism, it is very natural to feel a range of emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, confusion and frustration. It is important however to remember that your partner may not react or express his emotions the way you do. Do not judge your partner for his/her reaction to the diagnosis and allow the partner time to come to terms with it.

  2. Don’t let any one partner carry all the burden.

    Usually (though not in all cases) women tend to be the primary caregivers. They are likely to be completely involved with the autistic child and spend maximum time during the day tending to them and later feel resentful of their partners.

    Sharing the responsibility of the autistic child as well as the financial and domestic duties can help create a strong bond between the couple.

  3. Spend time together as a couple

    Tending to a child with special needs tends to be time and energy consuming, leaving very little to spend with the partner. In this case, scheduling regular time doing a relaxing activity like going for a walk together or making appointments for a couple’s massage can help you destress as well as help keep the relationship healthy. 

  4. Seek Therapy if necessary

    Caregivers of autistic children can experience anxiety and depression often. This can affect the marriage. It is therefore a good idea to reach out to a professional to resolve conflicts in your marriage.


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