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How to manage sleep disorders in children with ASD

A child on ASD experiences sleep disorders a lot more often than other children due to the sensory overdrive, imbalanced melatonin secretion (which controls the sleep -wake cycle) and higher levels of anxiety.

 How can you help the child sleep better?

  1. Explain the need for sleep and provide assurance when the child starts sleeping alone in his/her room.
  2. Maintain a sleep diary to track the sleeping patterns as well as identify any factors that could influence the quality of sleep.
  3. Ensure the room is devoid of any sensory stimuli that may cause sleep disturbances – Block our light using dark curtains, noise using ear plugs for the child, using soothing colors on the walls of the room, keeping electronic distractions away etc.
  4. Consult a GP to treat food allergies, if any or melatonin imbalance.
  5. Get a sound sleep yourself.
  1. National Autistic Society.  Sleep - a guide for parents of autistic children. Available at - https://www.autism.org.uk/advice-and-guidance/topics/physical-health/sleep/parents