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Medicaid Intensive In- Home Services (IIH)

Intensive In-Home Services are short-term, results oriented intensive mental health services that are provided in the client`s home and are aimed at stabilizing severe, intense and frequent behaviors that place the client at risk of out of home placement.

Intensive-in-Home Services assist the client in improving coping and communication skills and works with the family unit to increase their functional levels. The primary goal of the services is to prevent out-of-home placement for the client or to assist in a smooth transition from out-of-home placement back into the home. Additionally, these services assist families in learning effective parenting and communication skills.


Another important goal of these services is to help families solve problems within the family unit rather than through placement outside of home. These services are founded on the belief that in the existing strength within clients and their families lies the best resource toward growth and change. Our services are committed to preserving the family unit.