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Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

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The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a technique used to facilitate communication skills among children on the ASD spectrum with the help of pictures and visuals.
The autistic children are guided to initiate communication by handing over a picture of the object that they desire to the listener.
It is a very simple and scientifically proven technique to help ASD children, especially the ones with language deficits to start communicating with others.
It was developed by Lori Frost and Andy Bond who are researchers in functional communication and applied behavioral analysis in the year 1984.

The advantages of PECS

  1. Reduces Behavioral issues - ASD children often are unable to express their needs and are often frustrated as they are not met. This gap is bridged by this technique which allows a child to show a picture and communicate his/ her need.
  2. This helps the ASD child initiate communication (often a challenge to develop) using pictures and visuals which are simple to comprehend.
  3. Since, there is no need for special training for the listener, this can be gradually extended to peers are classmates which improves social interaction of the child.
  4. Cost effective and a simple technique.


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