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Siblings of your special child are special too …

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Often, raising a child with autism puts stress on the parents as they have to tend to their special needs. This results in parents spending very little of no time with the siblings and causes a range of conflicting emotions in the health sibling.

Common challenges
The siblings face issues like embarrassment in public due to the behavioral outbursts of their ASD siblings, neglect by parents resulting in sibling jealously and rivalry, not be able to form normal sibling relationships due to communication and social interaction deficits in the ASD child and witnessing parental anxiety and depression that results from them being stressed constantly.

What can you do?

  1. Educate the sibling about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    Lack of understanding about their sibling’s condition may confuse them and frighten them. Explain them that the siblings may over react to sensory stimuli, may engage in repetitive movements and may have limited social skills.
  2. Help them develop a positive relationship with their ASD sibling.
    Guide them with simple reinforcement strategies to use with their siblings which may result in increased interaction. Let them know that we are all worthy of respect irrespective of disorders.
  3. Create special time for them
    Spend exclusive time with your non autistic child and encourage them to have an open communication with you about their lives.


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